Monday, September 12, 2011

Andy's Arm

So two weeks ago from today Andy fell off the monkey bars at school and hurt his elbow.  So I took him to get an x-ray and it was too swollen to see if it was broken or not.  So they put him in a hard splint and I brought him back 10 days later to have it x-rayed again.  It showed a fracture in his bone, so today we brought him to the hospital and he got a blue cast.  I sure am glad it was just a little fracture and nothing too severe.  Here he is doing some sort of a fighting move to show off his cast...he's crazy!


This summer me and my brothers and sisters and a few of the older kids hiked Prater Mountain.  It sure was beautiful

 This is the end of the Odgen Marathon that we did in May.  My sister Rachelle, myself, Bert and Shilo.  This was my best marathon with a time of 4:13.  My goal of under 4 iddn't quite happen, but my last marathon was 4:54, so I did improve some which I was happy about.
 This was the 4th of July at the start of a little race they had for the kids.  They actually all ended up in the newspaper running.  Little Andy ran so hard.....slow....but hard for him I guess, because when he was done he said he didn't feel good and then threw up!
 This was the only picture I got of us at the Bolder Boulder 10k  the nice lade so  graciously cut off my head!:)  This was a week or so after the Odgen Marathon, so it was a pretty crappy run for me, but I still loved being out there.
 Here is Ali and Coleen when we all went out to dinner and icecream.  Arn't they so cute?
 Here is me and my friend and neighbor Milynda at my first triathlon this August.  It was soooooo fun!  I think I'm hooked!  It sure keeps you on your toes hopping from the swimming to the biking to the running.
 Me and Nicki after the triathlon.

 Me and Nicki showing off our stylin' swim caps before the race.

 And here they are again...those bright beautiful caps!

This was after the Star Valley 5k.  I ran it in 22:30 which is my best time yet, but I sure felt sick afterward.  Ali and my mother in law Sandy ran it, along with Bert and shilo and their kids, and her mom.  And my sister and her family.
Here's me and Sam on the Snake river this summer

And Jeff and Sam the same day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

catch up again!

So, I not mentioning any names....but someone has been horrible about posting on this blog!  And one other thing...someone has been horrible at taking pictures this summer....period!  So here is my next attemp to try to sum up what we Wheelers have been up to.  These will totally all be out of order, but hey, some disorderly pictures are better than none right?

So this summer was very hot here.  This was a couple pictures I got of Sam and Andrew playing on the slip n' slide in the front yard.

 I thought they had a lot of fun, but his face kinda looks a little scared!   He did have fun though.
 Ahh, and here we have my littlest Andy on his first day of Kindergarten!  I can't believe my youngest is gone all day.  Lately it feels like there is a little hole in my heart.  I actually feel kind of lonely during the day.  I look around my empty house and hear....nothing.  Oh boy is this what I have to look forward to when I'm older?  Is this what empty nesters feel like?  I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed some down time....and actually the first few days I had all to myself were wonderful, but now I feel a void in my life...  It definately makes me very grateful for my kids.  They are what make life worth living!  They are what brings the spice to life.  I feel so blessed to have these three beautiful children.
 Here is my beautiful Ali, We took a small camping trip to the Poudre River Canyon.  It only ended up being one night, but to me one night in the mountains is worth a month in the city!  It makes you feel so alive!  I love her beautiful smile!
 And here is our little character!  He is acting so crazy lately, so full of life and spunk!

 This was the first time Jeff gave Sam the fly fishing rod and just let him go after it.  Sam was in heaven for a long time....until he fell on his bum and scraped up his knee a little, then he informed me he was never fishing again!   I laughed, only because I know Sam, and two minutes after he stopped crying he was asking when he could go fishing again.

 Sam ...learning from the best!
 This was Ali and Sam's first day of school.  They attend a different  school than Andy so they had different starting dates.
This fall Sam is on a soccer team.  He loves any sport, but assured me that his favorite is baseball.  He also wasn't going to do football because they only do flag football for boys his age and he informed me that, that was stupid and if he couldn't tackle, then he wasn't going to play!  So soccer was his next choice.  He's the one in a blue shirt with red socks.

 Here he is with the red jersey taking a turn at goalie.

Jeff took the kids out to breakfast one morning and let me go for a run.  The kids thought it was a great treat.