Saturday, April 3, 2010

A fun, busy week

My sister in law had the same spring break as us, which never happens, so she came to Denver for the week to enjoy a break from the snow. It felt like we went non-stop all week.

Jeff was finishing his night rotation, so we tried to keep out of the house so he could sleep during the day. We went to the movie theater and watched How to Train Your Dragon (great show!) so we could escape the 82 degree weather we had that day, poor kids all ended up sun burned.
We had a little easter egg hunt for the kids early, since star valley is still covered in snow.
Nicki and her friend Coleen came over and we had a picnic too.

Ali and Miriam, hid one orange egg for Nicki so she went hunting.
We spent one night making easter cake pops. Now that was a very time consuming activity!

We spent a lot of time at the park. In this picture Ali had got herself stuck in a baby swing and couldn't get out. Instead of helping we just laughed. Ali was quite embarrassed and Miriam was saving her from being humiliated in front of the camera, kind of.