Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Family Vacation

We just had one of the best weeks! Our family took our first real family vacation to Disney Land. The kids had a lot of fun...and so did Jeff and I. We left Friday and got to Disney Land on Saturday. The kids loved the pool and the warm weather. The rides were fun and Ali was big enough to go on everything!...and she did! Jeff and I wore her right out. One of us would take the boys back to the hotel during the day to give them a nap while the other one would stay and go on the bigger rides with Ali. Then at night one of us would go put the boys to bed and the other one would stay out until about 11:00 pm with Ali.

Jeff, lookin' good with Sam's Mickey Ears

Sam loved Space Mountain and roller coaster in the dark with little lights all over that looked like you were going through the stars, but he was terrified of the 3D shows. There was the Jedi Training academy where Sam got called up on stage and they put this robe on them and give them a light saber and teach them some moves. He was so excited....until Darth Vader came out and they had the kids go fight him one at a time, and he looked so terrified and started to cry....they gave him a little diploma anyway. My tough little Sam isn't really so tough.

Andrew liked all of the rides he could go on. And we discoved on this trip that little Andrew can have a melt down at any moment. He can be fine one second and the next second he can be screaming and throwing a fit that can last a good half hour....oh the embarrassment, oh well, he can be cute too.

One day we went to Huntington beach. It was a cooler day and the water wasn't really warm, so we didn't stay long, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

After our trip to Disney Land we drove to Salt Lake City and met up with a lot of our family. Saturday was the Salt Lake Marathon, half marathon and 5K. We all stayed in a hotel with each other and Saturday I ran my first Marathon! Bert, Julie, and Dan all ran the half marathon, and Nicki, Shilo, and Becky ran the 5K. We had so much fun with everyone. Korry and Tara came to and Jeff and Korry and Raphael did some golfing. My parents came to help watch some kids and everyone was there to cheer me on during the marathon. I sure do love all of our family, they are so supportive and we have such a great time together.
This is everyone who ran the race, except Shilo was watching kids at the hotel, so we took a picture with her later.
Nicki, Becky, Bert, me, Julie, and Dan, ( but the baby he's holding didn't run)

We will post more pictures later after we get them from other people!