Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Over the River & Through the woods to Grandmothers House we Go!!!

For the first week in January we were able to go to Star Valley and see our family. We spent most of the time up at Lacey's parents cabin. It is so beautiful up there with no one around and nothing around. It is peaceful! We had lot's of cousins up there and we played in the snow a lot, went snow shoeing and sledding, snowmobilling and played games inside. We sure had a fun time. We also spent some time with Jeff's family and had a new years eve party at Dan and Angies house! Lots of good times! Here are some pictures of us in Star Valley.

Lacey, Bert, Sam and Aaron spent a long time outside building this huge snowman!

Lacey, Shilo and Rachelle

The view out the cabin window

The cabin( or lodge as some might call it)

All the Wolfley cousins

The boys played with the train a lot

Andy Rooney

Ali and Lacey

Jeff, Andrew and Sam

Sam (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture)

Thanks to our Great Grandma and Grandpa Withers who sends us nice new jammies every year for Christmas!
Ali, Andy, Sam


Well I guess I better up-date a little. December was a quick month. Alison had a friend over and we called it a birthday party. We went sledding and the girls just hung out and had fun.

Ali and her friend Melia

Ali and her bubble gum ice cream cake...Andrews a little ticked he doesn't get to blow out the candles, and Melia's a little confused at the way he is acting.

This was the first Christmas we have spent away from Star Valley. It was good to be in our own home, but it didn't really feel like Christmas. Jeff had to spend all day at the hospital, and so Christmas Eve we opened all of the presents except for the Santa ones. Then we woke the kids up at 5:30 am and let them go through their stockings and check out what Santa left before Jeff left for work at about 6:00 a.m. It was strange to be there alone, with no cousins, craziness or anything. But it was good.

Sam and Andrew opening the presents. Every year Grandma Sandy gives the kids new jammies for Christmas eve. There's nothing yummier than clean, good smelling kids in nice new jammies!

Yes, our little fisherman finally got his own fly fishing vest....but no real flies yet, that one might have to wait for a few years, but as you can tell, he was quite pleased!

Ali...not much of a morning girl!

"All right Black Bart, now you get yours!" Sam got a gun that shoots down cans, you can see the can flying up in the air!

Christmas Eve the kids made cookies for Santa

Andy giving daddy a kiss.

The kids and I went to the hospital to have Christmas dinner with Jeff, which was pizza in the family waiting room. "The Christmas Story" was on T.V. so we hung out with Jeff between deliveries and watched and ate, anyway, it was a very different Christmas.

THis is where we hung out for Christmas dinner so we could all be together.