Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Vacation

Our family had a great 2 week vacation. We had a week planned and then Jeff's Grandma passed away the week before, so we ended up going to Star Valley for 2 weeks. Unfortunately I didn't do very well taking a lot of pictures, only a few. While we were there we went fishing....of course. Jeff and I got to go once while grandma watched the kids. We went to the Snake River, one of our favorite spots to fish.

Jeff, Jim and Korry and Sam went fishing a few more times. My little Sam was so excited to go fishing...He is 100% like his Daddy in every way. I loved watching him follow his dad and Grandpa around for 3 days getting stuff ready for fishing. And from what they tell me Sam pretty much out fished everyone! I sure do love that kid. I think it makes Jeff feel pretty good too that he is so excited about all the same things as him.

Notice the size of the fishes? Now who's the real fisherman here?

Jeff, Jim and Korry went to Idaho Falls a few times and did some golfing! I think they enjoyed themselves, because they kept going back! One day, Sandy, Tara, Becky and I met in Idaho Falls and then the guys took the kids back home and the girls went shopping. We had a great time together.
Here is most of the family, minus a couple who couldn't make it to Grandmas funeral. The funeral was beautiful, many people attended and it was wonderful to see so many family members again.
This is Jeff with his mom and dad and brothers and sisters.
We got to spend some time up at my parents cabin with them as well. Jeff did a little bit of shooting with Tony and Sam. The time went by way too fast, but as always, it's great to be home.
Here are a couple of random pictures of my kids who had these great balls that popped. They thought it was way fun to wear them on their heads for days on end. They remind me of that Big O commercial on T.V. Don't they look like "Little O"?