Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spring Fling

Last night was the Spring Fling BBQ and awards dinner for Jeffs work. Jeff and a bunch of the residents went golfing in the morning. There was a BBQ for the families for lunch, and then in the evening was the awards dinner. It was basically to honor the 4th year residents who were leaving. It was a good evening to get to know the people Jeff works with a little better. Here is the cross I carry.....Notice how Jeff works with a bunch of georgous women? I guess that happens when your husband becomes an OB/GYN.

Jeff and I

The next 4 pictures are the 4, 4th year residents who will be leaving Exempla St. Joseph Hospital.

This is Jeff and Sonya, one of Jeff's very good friends at work. She is super sweet!

Sam's First Game

Sam had his first T-ball game this Thusday. It was so much fun to watch all of those little kids out there. It brought tears to my eyes a couple of times just watching Sam so excited to be there and just trying so hard. I sure do love that kid! He was so excited that he got to keep his shirt and hat! Jeff was even able to get off work a little early to come watch him. It was really important to Jeff to be there, and Sam was so excited when he showed up to watch him.