Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

It's a boy....Okay, admit it, I got you all with that one didn't I. This is the new addition to our family. We got him yesterday. Jeff surprized us with him. He is the funnest little puppy and our kids are soooooo happy to have him!!! (That by the way is an understatement.) We named him Trapper....yes, it is after Trapper in the MASH show...if you know my husband, then you don't even have to ask why! The kids like the name too, so I think it's a go!


My two little boys were watching the lights on the Christmas tree and we came in to find them both asleep. I though it was so sweet.
Ali had her second grade program of songs around the world. It was a very cute program.
She had her own little part to say and did very well!

This is Ali's Brownie Girl Scout Troop. She is having a lot of fun. This was their dedication ceremony they had and the all did a super job.

This is Ali lighting her candle.