Friday, August 14, 2009

One Busy Month

Wow, this past month sure has been a busy one! Shilo and her kids came to stay with us for a week, and we had so much fun! One day the boys picked all the cucumbers and banana peppers in my garden and we made pickles, and pickled peppers, we'll see how those turn out!
One day we pampered the girls....okay, shilo and me too, but I thought I would do us both a favor and leave those pictures off. Miriam has been wanting her hair cut for a long time so Shilo asked if Iwould do it for her. We cut hair, did nails, and yes, even facials!
It reminds me of some spooky horror movie!

I had to put this picture of all my boys in. Poor Jeff works so hard and long, that this is about the only thing he gets home in time for, so he likes to hold the boys while they fall asleep, sometimes he ends up sleeping first. I sure do appreciate all he does for us, he is a wonderful husband and father, who we miss alot, but sure do love.
Sam had his last Tball game of the year. His coach was great and had a BBQ, and got all the boys a trophy. Sam was quite proud! He did so great this year we all had fun watching him.
One night Shilo watched the kids while Jeff and I went to The Wall Flowers concert at the Botanic Gardens. It was at a big ampetheater, and everyone brings blankets and dinner and just sits on the grass and enjoys the music. One of Jeff's co-workers gave us the tickets. It sure was a great night.

One day we went to the movie theater and a fun spray park and playground. The kids were all a little tired after this day!
One day we went to a big indoor swim pool that had big slides and a playground in about 2 feet of water, we brought a lunch and spent the day. It was great fun.

After Shilo was here for a week, we packed up and spent about a week and a half in Star Valley. It was a bummer that Jeff couldn't come. While we were there we went and visited my grandparents and Becky and Raphael in Rexburg. We stopped by Palisades and picked huckleberries. My Aunt Susan and her son met us there, and Shilo and her kids came to. Ali stayed a couple of nights with Becky in Rexburg.

The Huckleberries were a huge success! And as you can tell my boys were not going to smile for this one!

We also picked Huckleberries up by my parents cabin. It was not quite as pleasant because you have to fight the mosquitos all the time!

While I was in SV I wanted to do something fun with each one of my kids. Of course Sam and Andrew both wanted to go fishing, so I took Andy to the Tree on Snake River and he caught a couple of fish all by him self. He just kept saying "I'm so glad a caught a fish,...I'm just so happy!"
Then I took Sam to the Rock on the Snake River the same day. He caught a few and was very excited to eat his fish every morning for breakfast, and lunch....and dinner!

Then Ali and I ran the Swift Creek 5K in Afton. It was her first race ever and she did pretty good. She finished in 38 min. She also won the drawing and got a 20 dollar gift certificate to Lone Pine Sports, a little sports store in Afton. She was pretty disappointed when she went in and it was just a bunch of fishing, camping and boyish things! She picked out a little backpack to put her stuffed animals in?!;) Shilo and Miriam ran with us. It was a lot of fun.
We took a day and went to Bear Lake to play on the beach. Shilo's family came and also my mom.

I love this picture of Ali and Miriam.

Sam and Andy and I also did a lot of fishing up Tin Cup Creek by my parents cabin.

One night Bert and Shilo invited us to go to Cottonwood Lake with them. We had a hot dog roast and Shilo introduced my to roasting starbursts on a stick....Never heard of it but it was pretty tasty. Then I got to go fly fishing in their canoe. It was a lot of fun, although I never caught anything.

We feel so blessed to be able to enjoy so many wonderful things and to spend time with such wonderful people. We have had a great summer and Ali just started school on the 13. I can't believe she is in second grade! I must say it feels nice to get back into a routine after this past month running around!