Monday, November 10, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was so beautiful. It was so nice and warm. Jeff finally had a weekend off and the only one he will have until Thanksgiving. We decided since it was so nice we would put up our Christmas lights. Sure it's kind of early but we thought it was a good time and we wouldn't have to do it in the cold snow. Or maybe it was because we are just so excited to have our own house to decorate, yup, that was probably the real reason for it. Anyway, I'm sure we got a few strange looks but now we're all hooked up and ready to go. We also finished up a few fall projects and raked the leaves. It is so nice to have Jeff home and spending time with us.

The other day I found the kids in the bath tub, I think they are already ready for summer!

Okay, and here are the grape nuts I like to make. Believe it or not they taste just like the real thing and my kids love them. One batch of grape nuts only lasted two days around here with Alison. She thought she needed them for every snack.