Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lair of the Bear

Yesterday I took the kids to Lair of the Bear Open Space Park and we hiked around for a while. It's always good to get away from the city and enjoy the mountains.


We raked up the leaves in our backyard today.....well, we had them raked up...but I think we'll have to try again in a couple of days because the kids were having too much fun in them.

Andy's stitches

Well a couple of days ago Andy slipped in the bathtub and cut his chin open pretty bad. I couldn't get it to stay closed so I went to see Jeff and they all agreed it definatlly needed stitches, so Jeff just stitched it up for us. Andy was so brave and sat there so still. Sam was crying because he didn't want it to hurt Andy, and I just sat there with my eyes closed so I didn't puke. Yeah, I'm not real good with that sort of stuff.


Things sure have been busy around our house. The first week in October was Jeffs week off so we took a trip to Star Valley. We hung out there for a couple of days at my parents cabin.

Ali and Miriam at the cabinSam, Jeff and Tony Shooting guns
Yes, that is snow the beginning of October, and a lot of it! So the kids went sledding at the cabin. We didn't really come prepared for snow....notice Ali's church shoes?

Sam sure had fun....until his feet froze off...

Then After being in star Valley for awhile Jeff and I went to Las Vegas for 4 days. It was a lot of fun, but we were both missing our kids by about day 2. Shilo, my mom and Angie took turns watching our kids so we could go. Thanks everyone!

One of the things we did while in Vegas was go to the Barrett Jackson car show/auction. There were a lot of really neat cars there.

We went golfing a couple of times...well, Jeff went golfing, and I rode around and took pictures with the fun new camera Jeff got me for my birthday.

One of the courses we played was the Rio Secco, It was the toughest course Jeff has ever played and it was so beautiful! Tiger Woods had the record for the course. Jeff played really well on such a tough course, but Tiger still beat him by 14 strokes...ahhh.

Oh, I had to throw this in too. It's amazing at these really nice courses, they drive to your car and get your clubs for you. And when your done they wash off your clubs for you and bring your bag back to your car. The golf carts had GPS systems in them that told you how far to the hole, and looky here....You don't get a bucket of balls to get a pyramid of balls, already there and waiting for you!

While in Vegas, you can't go home without one of the holes there was a lady there taking money, and if you hit it onto the green they doubled your money. Yeahh for Jeff, he put down 20$ so we came home with a whoppin' 40$.

This was at Bear's Best Golf course. Another fun one.
While in Vegas we went to the Hoover Dam. While we were driving there there was a sign that said Helicopter rides! Jeff's always wanted to ride in a helicopter, so we did. He wasn't happy at all. They let him sit up front with the pilot. It was like watching a kid at Christmas time.
Those cute little fanny packs are life jackets we had to wear in case we crashed into Lake Mead. Sure glad we didn't have to use them.
This is a picture of the new bridge they are building in front of the dam. Those little specs at the very top are people working up there... scary!
We got to go to a few different shows and we had a great time together. Then we went back to SV to see our little kids, boy we sure did miss them.

Picture of the moon outside my parents cabin window.
I love this picture of Sam and Jeff. Sam is daddy's little boy. He loves everything that Jeff loves and he has his daddy wrapped around his little finger. Sam was in Heaven having Jeff help him shoot guns.