Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back in the swing of things

Well school has started for the kids, so we are officially back into the swing of things. One of my good friends introduced me to photoshop so I have been having some fun messing around with my pictures, here is one where andy was in the garage, but I really liked his pouty face.

Jeff had labor day weekend off, so we went camping on the white River. It was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Here is Jeff with one of the fish he caught.

One crazy family picture....
Our crazy Andrew with tongs on his head...

A crazy Jeff drinking hot chocolate...

We found this really fuzzy caterpillar, and the kids just love it. They let it crawl all over themselves.
This is me fishing....although I never caught anything, but Jeff said I looked cute anyway.

There were a lot of little snakes up there....icky!
Our beautiful princess
We stayed in a hotel on Friday night because it was so late when we got there.

We went to the annual fishing derby for the kids the end of August and sam and Ali both caught a fish, and they both got to tie a fly, which Sam was way excited about!

Here is Ali on her first day of 2nd grade....Sam was being stubborn that day....thus, no picture.

Another picture playing on photoshop