Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Few Blog Worthy Events

Just a little something fun.
The other day it hailed on us for about 2 minutes. I personally have never seen hail so big, only in pictures. But the kids kept busy collecting all the hail and saving it in my freezer. Sam also put a golf ball in there thinking he would "trick daddy" into thinking it was a piece of hail. Silly kids!
Sam graduated from Kindergarten today!

This morning Sam had his kindergarten graduation. They sang a few great songs and he got his own little diploma! We are so proud of you Sam, you have grown so much this year in so many different aspects! We love how tender-hearted Sam is. Yesterday after school he came out in tears saying he was going to miss his teacher, and he wasn't going to first grade! He felt a little better today after the graduation and is now excited to be a first grader! Yeah Sam!

Sam and his teacher

Sam getting his diploma
We are so proud of Alison! She was selected as a finalist in the 2nd grade spelling bee! Six kids from each class got to participate. She did very well and we were so proud of all her hard work in 2nd grade. She is definately very smart and her teacher told me she is so helpful to everyone at at school. Congrats Ali, you're the best!

Ali and her friend "K" got to be in the spelling bee together.

Andrew Turned 4 years old! Lately Andrew is pretty much focused on one It's pretty much an obsession actually. All he wants to do is play the wii, or online kids games. I justify it by saying he is learning. Pretty lame excuse, but I think it's pretty cute watching him run a computer better than I could in Jr. High School!

Andy is very sweet. He loves giving mom lot's of kisses every morning. However he doesn't like to help out much around the house...probably because he is the baby and I've babied him...we're working on that one.

Andy is a character. He is just crazy, and loves when we laugh at him...he thinks he's the funniest person in the world, which then makes him a whole lot funnier!

We love you so much Andy! Happy 4th birthday!