Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was just flipping through some summer pics and thought I'd post some.

 Andy with olives
 The kids came down stairs one day and Andy was wearing these....Sam made Andy some pants, isn't that nice of him!  I died laughing!
 Miss Alison being the crazy girl she is
 And  a pool?  A turtle?  or Sam?  Who knows!

 This is me and my good friend Ann who did the Yoga for Congo Women
 She sent me this picture and said I would enjoy it....well, maybe not the word I would use.  Here it is anyway,

Jeff went on his retreat last weekend with all the residents up in Estes Park.  Here they are.
 So I've been inspired by a friend to try to make my own soap, and thought it sounded fun, so I made my own soap mold.

 Made some soap and poured it in
 put the set up soap in my make shift soap cutter...and yes that is a putty knife.

And here is the final soap.  This batch is coconut oatmeal

And my latest, brown sugar and fig with oatmeal.  If you can't tell I like the oatmeal in it.

Field Day

The kids had field day this month.  Andrew and I went over to watch.

Ali's getting carried away in one of the games

It was so hot and poor Andrew just wanted to go home.  Can you see the excitement in his face?

This is Sam and his best friend!

Heres Sam and his best friend racing on the hoppy balls.

The kids had a lot of fun!