Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

For the real Halloween we went over to Nicki's house. They had a little fire pit out front and served hot chocolate and cider. Jeff was able to come right after work, and he decided to dress up like a Doctor. Someone asked if he was really a doctor or just dressed up. He told them he was just dressed up and they said it was pretty convincing.A couple of days before Halloween the kids and I spent some time raking up the leaves in our yard. However the pile of leaves ended up strewn all over the lawn worse than when we started. We had a great time anyway and believe it or not when we were all done playing I looked out the window and found Ali and Sam cleaning up all the leaves. What good kids!

This week was fun for Ali at school. They had dress up days everyday. Pajama Day, Spirit Day, Mismatch Day, and Crazy hair day. Both Ali and Sam had a Halloween Party at the end of the week.

Ali's Crazy Hair

And of course Halloween wouldn't be complete without carving pumpkins. We weren't going to do it this day but I came into the kitchen and Samuel, our persistant one, had his pumpking lid all carved off and was already pulling out the guts. And Andrew had a poker and had poked his pumpkin to death, so we made a night of it.

One day I came upstairs and Jeff was giving the boys a bath, I was quite surprised to find them both Shaving! (Don't worry, the covers are on the blades) Both boys thought it was pretty great to get shaving cream all over their faces and shave like daddy. Lets just hope they don't try this by themselves without the cover on!
Sam...he looks like a professional

Andrew...that looks like it hurts!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early Halloween in Henderson

Okay, so this week was a little crazy for all of us. For some reason everyone does all of the "trunk or treats" early around here. Friday Ali's school had their trunk or treat and I signed up to decorate a car, yeah the ugly green witch with too much eye shadow is me. When I came downstairs after putting it on Andrew was a little scared and kept telling me to take it off. I asked if he liked it and he pulled a face and said "no, it's freaky!" So I guess I got the look I was aiming for.

Then on Saturday it was the Halloween party for our ward, so I helped out with that also.

Aunt Nicki came over to walk around with the kids while I passed out treats. They always have lots of fun with Aunt Nic.

A witch, Hannah Montanna and 2 little Pirates

Nicki and Andrew

My little Pirates!

This week was also a good break for Jeff. He had the week off, and so he threw a matress in the back of the car and took off for a week long fishing trip, which was well deserved I might add. Which also explains why he's not in any of the Halloween photos. This was his first break in a long time and he has been working about 70 plus hour weeks, and really doesn't have time left to do anything. He sure works hard for all of us and we love him very much. So he took off headed toward Utah, fishing all along the way and sleeping in the car. He ended up in Roosevelt Utah and stayed with his brother Greg and his family. Greg and his two sons tanner and Jesse and Jeff went to Stawberry Reservoir.

Greg and Jesse(Gregs son)

Tanner(Greg's son again)

Yep, this cute one is my husband...No, not the fish!