Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy Weather!

So a few days ago I posted our big hail that came down. Today was crazy! There were tornado warnings for a few hours and this was the size of the hail that came down today, about the size of golf balls! Luckily we only got a few here and there, but when they hit the house it sounded like a gun shot! A little town to the south east of us wasn't so lucky. The car windows were all broke out, house windows broken, even pieces of house were knocked off. The mailboxes all flat on top, cars ruined! There was so much hail that the snowplows had to go out there. I've never seen anything so crazy. The tornado sirens were going off for quite some time so we went to the basement. My little Sam got tears in his eyes and asked if we were going to die. I said no. But they all grabbed apples, bananas, pillows....boy were they preparing for the worse! I thought it was kind of cute. What a crazy day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess Who?

Can you guess who this little mud blob is? The other day Ali and Andy made a huge water hole in our sandbox and he tripped and fell face first into the sand! It was so funny! It was so hot that day that it dried really fast and it was crusty on his face, it was a good facial.

Sam's Tonsils

My little Sam-Sam got his tonsils out today. He was such a brave boy. We left at 5:45 this morning and he had his surgery at 7:45. The nurses were all so great and gave sam a mask to show him how he would breathe into it. He proceeded to put it up to his mouth and say "Luke...I am your father." ( from star wars for anyone who wondered why that was so funny.) We thought it was pretty funny and told him to say that when he went into the operating room. But I guess he just said "operating room"...not quite as funny. The nurse gave him a cute little Teddy Bear, which he named "OR" for operating room. (just a side note: When Sam was about 6 months old he got dehydrated and had to go to the Emergency Room. When he was there they gave him a teddy bear which we named "E.R." for emergency room.) So I guess he thought it would be good to have them match.
Here's Sam showing off his muscles.

Jeff was able to take the day off to be with Sam which was good because Jeff knows how to calm Sam down and Sam loves his daddy sooooo much. He just wanted daddy to hold his hand the whole time he was waking up.

He is doing well right now. He has eaten and is drinking lots of soda, so he seems to be doing well.

My sister Nicki and her friend Coleen came last night and spent the night so they could be here in the morning to watch Ali and Andy. We had a delicious dinner and then today they took Ali and Andy to the zoo for the day. It was super hot and super windy, so they were all worn out when they got home.

How sad it is when I hear people talk bad about their doctor, or that they have to wait sooooo long to see their doctor or to get their perscription. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place, where we have access to such wonderful health care. Our doctors are great and well educated. Our nurses are wonderful! Our hospitals are outstanding. We are so blessed to live in America! We feel so grateful to have a supportive family, who are always there to help when needed. They are loving and sacrifice so much for us. Thanks Nicki and Coleen for being to willing to help us out.

All in all what a wonderful day!

This is some art that the hippos painted or one of the other animals at the zoo I can't remember for sure which one.

I guess Nicki must have been behind the Nicki in any pictures!
I think these ducks trying to tell you something?!