Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grays and Torreys

For my birthday my brother and sister in law came to denver and we had the best time!  So for my birthday Shilo and I climbed Grays and Torreys Mountains.  They are two of the 14ers.  Which means they are above 14,000 ft high.  We left early in the morning and had the best time.  Grays had quite a bit of snow on it and when the wind blew it was freezing.  We had to stomp out our own trail since we were the first ones starting up the trail that day.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

 Here we are putting on our micro spikes once we got to the snow.  We were so glad we had them.  On the way down there were people sliding everywhere without them.  It would have almost been impossible without them.

 And our shadows going up the mountain.
 Me on top of Torreys Peak
 And me again
 And us together at the end, and so glad to be done.  It took us 6 1/2 hours to do both peaks and we were beat by the end.  It was definitely one of my favorite birthdays and will probably be one of my most memorable. Thanks so much Shilo!  And thanks so much to my brother who watched all 5 kids all day!  Best day ever!

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Ann said...

It looks like it was so fun! :) I am so happy you got to go.

And I'm dying at how CUTE that picture is with the kids and your puppy! :)