Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Over Due

Well the title pretty much sums it up!  I haven't posted anything since October!  I keep meaning too, but around October I started just taking pictures with my phone, because it was so convenient and I always had it with me.  But now I can't figure out how to get all those photos onto my computer....(I'm not very smart that way, so if anyone wants to let me know how it's done....great!)  Anyway, so instead of not posting anything until I get that figured out I will post a few things of a few pictures I do have and try to be better from here on out.  So I will try to sum up our last 6 months....ugh, I am horrible.

We stayed here in Denver for Thanksgiving.  It is probably one I will never forget.  I decided since it was just us for Thanksgiving I didn't want to cook a ton of stuff, and so we decided we would just go out to eat.  We thought that would be a great idea, no clean up and more time to spend decorating the Christmas tree (a tradition I have carried on from my childhood:)  Well, living in Denver we thought there would be plenty of options.  We drove around for what seemed like forever, and everything was closed.  We finally saw an IHOP with cars all around and lights on!  Yes!  We walked in and they said "Sorry, we just closed."  So we drove around some more and saw a Village Inn.  I walked in by myself this time and asked if they were open.  It seemed like a dumb question, the door was open and there were people inside.... they were only open if we wanted pie!  Well we finally found something that was open...McDonalds.  Yep we ate Thanksgiving Dinner at McDonalds.  Boy did I do great or what?  Oh well, I redeemed myself and cooked turkey the next day.

Ali and I were able to go to a play of A Christmas Carol.  Jeff and I were suppose to go, but Jeff ended up working so Ali and I went.  It was a lot of fun going out with Ali.  She is getting so big and fun to hang out with.

Jeff ended up getting hooked up with some Avalanche tickets from work, so he took Ali to that.  While they were there Ali got to participate in the Quest High Speed Challenge.   They had a camera on her and put her up on the big screen and asked her a question about one of the players.  I think they could tell she was a little nervous and gave her a clue.  She got it right and ended up winning a flip video camera.  she was excited....but just a little.

For Christmas we went to Star Valley to spend time with our families. 
One of the fun things we did when we were there was go to Granite Hotsprings with Jeffs sister and her family.  We went on Alis birthday and it was so much fun.  We had to snowmobile 10 miles up into the mountains and then got to swim in a nice hot outdoor pool.  It was so beautiful and a great pool party for Ali's birthday.  I must admit I never thought Ali would get an outdoor pool party for her birthday!

Christmas was great being able to be around family and friends.

Sam played basket ball this year in a city league team.  He had a lot of fun and it gave us something to do every saturday for a couple of months.  He even scored a few points now and then and he was really excited to be out there playing.  We sure loved watching him.

Ali has stayed busy with girl scouts and choir.  Her girl scouts spent a saturday collecting food and clothing for the 9 Cares Colorado.

In January Jeff and I were able to go to Florida for a Medical Conference which was a lot of fun and very relaxing.  We stayed on the beach and while Jeff was in conference I got to run on the beach, nap, and read.  Ahhh, I could get use to that!  It was very cold while we were there, so there wasn't much soaking up the sun, but it was great to go on a date together.  A special thanks to my sister and her friend, and also my parents for making a special trip out to watch our kids.  You guys are the best!

February Jeff went to St. George and met his dad and his brother Korry there to play some golf.  It was pretty cold so they didn't get much golfing done, but Jeff got away for awhile and had some R & R.

In March Bert and Shilo came out to Denver for the Salida Half Marathon.  Me, Nicki, Bert, Shilo, and Coleen all ran.  It was probably the hardest race I have ever ran!  I think it was harder than my marathon.  It was so many ups and downs.  The hills were so steep that no one was running them, everyone was walking up them.  It was on a single dirt trail that was rocky, and a lot of switch backs.  You had to stare at your feet the whole time so you didn't fall off the trail and down the mountain, or twist your ankle.  It was a lot of fun, because I have never done a trail race before and I really enjoyed it.  But it was my slowest half marathon, but I guess thats okay.  Everyone did really well and it was just a lot of fun running with some of my favorite people ever!

us before the race
 Bert, Shilo, Lacey, Coleen, Nicki
Bert, Shilo, and I after the race.  Bert was done so fast he had time to go change and get the camera.  The mountain behind us is one that we had to run up....about 4 different times!!!

For spring break this year we were able to go to Star Valley.  The snow was perfect for coasting at my parents cabin, so the kids had a blast all day in the snow. Jeff had to stay in Denver and work.  We had fun making chapstick and snow shoeing.

Andrew just finished up a session of swim lessons.  He use to be quite scared of the water, but now he is fearless!  He is so cute flopping around in the water!

Okay, I'm caught up as good as I'll ever be!

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